Eat: Food is inexpensive here so you could spend anywhere from

There are chain and independent hotels, plus hostels, for every budget in Quito.Eat: Food is inexpensive here so you could spend anywhere from a few dollars at a street vendor, food court or casual eatery, to $20 to $30 at a restaurant with table service.Those with coin are heading to the Galapagos Islands for once in a lifetime journeys. Those on lesser budgets are going outdoor adventuring in Banos, birdwatching in Mindo or volcano gawking in Cotapaxi.Almost everyone will spend a day exploring Quito while acclimatizing to the high altitude. Quito, the gateway to Ecuador, wants everyone to stay a little longer.If you like to wander, eat, admire churches, check out food and craft markets, take in views and eat again, then Quito is an excellent home base.At Mercado San Francisco, look for the row of (ancient healing stalls) where Mercedes Correa will cleanse your worries and bad energy by brushing a bundle of herbs over your body, splashing you with alcohol and cologne Cheap Snapbacks, and showering you with Ecuadorean rose petals.Eat in the food court for a couple of bucks and admire the market tree tomatoes and array of potatoes.A few blocks away, look for Colaciones Cruz Verde, where Luis Banda cheerfully makes sugar coated peanut candies in a copper pot over coals.

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