An injured figure skater sent to a rehabilitation

An injured figure skater sent to a rehabilitation center in the mountains falls for a local man. Starring Leah Renee, Niall Matter.Nov. CBS. Maybe you don’t even know what a happy and mutually supportive relationship is. Find a pen and paper right this minute and write down the qualities your perfect man would possess (hint: he’d be loving, honest, faithful, gentle, and so on). Now write down how you’d feel in a relationship with such a person (peaceful, content, joyous, excited, and so on).

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This is the punch line of an ancient Taoist parable in which a man loses his horse, setting off a chain of good and bad outcomes that are never what they seem. It teaches us that what is perceived to be fortuitous is sometimes not. On the flipside, unfortunate setbacks can turn out to be the best things that happen to us.

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We now know that the single greatest environmental risk to human health is through our most basic need the air that we breathe.1 For years, governments have struggled to improve access to energy so they can promote economic development. But the largely unsustainable energy path that the world has followed has come at an unacceptable cost. Air pollution, overwhelmingly resulting from energy production and use, causes heart and lung diseases and cancer, resulting in approximately 6.5 million deaths each year.2.

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